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Our Activities(Photos)

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Glimpses of Our Activities:

* VIC - Vacational Islamic Camp (Click here)
* Mutala-e-Qura'an (regularly)
(Click here)
* How to Face Exams (atleast two time in a year)
* Career Guidance Camp (atleast two time in a year)
(Click here)
* Dawah Camp & Dawah Gasht (regularly)
* Weekly Program (regularly)

* Tazkia Camp
* Eid Milan (Click here & Click here )
* Children Festival 2010 (Click here & Click here)
* SIO Major Campaigns (Click here )

Students and youth attend training sessions every month to develop individual personality and grow the appetite for skillful activity. These sessions also consist of planning and execution of various social engaging activities that benefit the individual as well as the neighbourhood.

Going beyond the self centered life and faith, a day in every 2 months is devoted to understand each other’s belief and reach to provide a helping hand in creating an accommodative culture among different believers.

Nizamul Usra held under the supervision of SIO members is a unique introspective and analytical activity to enhance one’s knowledge and talents undertaken on daily basis.

Education Awareness Campaigns
With the objective of disseminating education amongst the masses, SIO has pioneered in organizing Education Awareness Campaigns since its inception and helping the needy to gain excess to quality education.
Educational awareness programs are the inevitable part of SIO agenda every year. Surveys in selected colonies followed by enrolment in schools, other educational assistances like scholarships, book banks, libraries, reading rooms, study circles, guidance for better academic future, hostels, coaching classes, etc form the part of these campaigns.

Some of the other activities of SIO are tuition centers, wall magazines, poster making, interfaith dialogues, get-together, e-ethics day, inter-school competition, campus lectures, summer camps, junior festivals, blood donation camps, free medical camps, Qur’an study centers, ifthar programs, dawah campaigns, tazkiya meets, conferences, public meets, protests, libraries, sms groups, mail groups, relief works, street plays, children’s magazine, special forum for engineers, film festivals, educational surveys, panel discussions, table talks, press meets, VIP meets, educationist meets, deeni madaris essay competition, camp for madarasa students, anti ragging forums, special workshops for media, HRD, art, culture, education, newsletters, hostel visits, opinion surveys, open discussions, self assessment meets, etc. 

Major Campaigns By SIO
Apart from the activities mentioned above, SIO has at intervals organized campaigns to appraise the society of the contemporary situation and the ways to mend it. Some of the campaigns have been,
Call to peace (1989), 
Benefactor of humanity (1990), 
Introduction to Qur'an (1992), 
Hindu – Muslim dialogue (1993), 
Save India (1994), 
Turn to the Creator (1994), 
Hinduism – Marxism – Islam dialogue (1995) 
Anti Fascism Day (1996)
Campus Interactive Survey (1996)
Introduction to Morality (1997)
Social Justice Day (1997)
Towards Success (1999)
Save Campus - Save India (2000) 
Islam: Abode of Peace (2000)
Terrorism: Reality and Solutions (2001)
Protect Studenthood (2001)
Lets Come Together (2002)
E-ethics Day (2003)
Wake up - Reckoning is Near (2004)
Redefining Education, Regaining Struggle, Renovating Society: SIO Awakening the Nation (2007)
Nation for All (2008)
Study-Struggle-Service: Students for Social Change (2010)

Activities in details:

* VIC( Vacation Islamic Camp) is especially designed program which SIO Mumbai is conducting since last 16 years for students who have appeared for HSC & SSC examinations. VIC is a kind of crash course to improve their skill, knowledge & build their characters to be successful in this world & the hereafter, Inshallah .

Date: 22,23,24,25 April 2010      

Venue: Mahabelshwar

Glimpses of VIC
·        Daras-e-Quran
·        Daras-e-Hadith
·        Sports
·        Boating
·        Horse Riding
·        Marathon
·        Sight Seeing
·        Camp Fire (Cultural Program)
·        Quiz Contest
·        Aap ki Adalat
·        Current Affairs
·        Group Discussion
·        Lectures on Islamic Fundamentals
·        Career Guidance
·        Attractive Presentations Through LCD
·        Many Other Events With Lots Of Prizes

For more of our activities please click on "porgrams Label" on blog or you can follow us on twitter & facebook.

-:This page is under construction :-