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Monday, February 14, 2011

V-day | Protest| Report

Valentine protest by Mumbai Division:

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"Valentine's Day promoteS promiscuity and IMMORALITY among youth"-SIO Mumbai

 A peaceful protest was organized at Bandra Station on 13 Feb, 3.30 pm-5 pm by the students of SIO Mumbai to highlight the ill effects of celebration of valentine day.

"The celebration of Valentine's Day is nothing, but giving open license to the youth to indulge in immoral acts. We believe that such activities will erode moral and family values, which ultimately promotes promiscuity among youth" Opined Mirza Kamran Baig, (President SIO Mumbai)

Students Islamic Organisation of India is working since last 28 years to prepare students and youth for the reconstruction of society under "divine guidance". The Valentine's Day was banned previously by Pope due to increasing promiscuity among youths but it was again started by mnc's to earn billions.Today it is gaining momentum among youths, Love friendship and our emotions does not require a day for expression Beware of this commercial exploitation of human emotions.

"Our intention is to peacefully oppose Valentine's Day and not to do moral policing but to make the masses (Students) realize the ill effects of aping this culture from the west and the vested interests of market forces" Mirza Kamran Baig added.

"We are against this invasion of western culture in our society as it affects our family bonds and undermines India's culture of respecting each other as sisters and brothers. It is a matter of fact that the market forces are promoting Valentine's Day to reap benefits by selling their products. We strongly believe that the motive behind projecting this day is to promote unethical male-female relationships" Mirza Kamran Baig moaned.

Students were shouting slogans and more than 3000 pamphlets were distributed to awaken the student community from this social menace.

"SIO demands that students should behave as a responsible citizen of INDIA and realize what they can contribute to the society. Students should realize the real motive of Valentine's Day and not fall prey to this culture of nudity and not be self centric alienating themselves from the society rather they should be caring for all and play their part in reconstruction of the society. We should spent some time with poor and needy and spend the same amount, which is going into expensive gifts and cards which earn millions dollars on this day", concluded the SIO Mumbai President.