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Monday, October 4, 2010

Very successful Aptitude Test @ Malwani

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Malwani Unit organized an aptitude test by Group of Expert Professional Psychologist –MASINA Hospital and Research Centre at Ramzan Ali College (Malwani Block no. 6) for the class Xth students. A total of 200 students of Al-Flah, Anam, Millat and Elia Servat School appeared for the test.
This test is a part of the "Grand Children Festival 2010" by Jamaat E Islami Hind and Students Islamic Organisation of India Mumbai Division to be held on 18th and 19th December 2010. Malwani is one of the centres among 35 such centres thru Mumbai, by which total 3000 Students being tested.
Normally Udru Medium Students do not get exposure to such professional tests and main objective of this festival is to enhance, nurture the talents, quality of the Urdu medium students who are lacking in different fields in majority with exception of few.
Being scrutinizing and evaluating closely the results of these tests, there will be "Parental Guidance" lecture in a couple of month [ 1st week of Dec.2010], the purpose of which will be to get the Parents aware of what's their son's /daughter 's field of interest. Also to introduce them various behavioural patterns, normally students do follow during school/college time.
SIO Malwani is grateful to Mr.Asalm Shaikh(M.L.A) and the management of Al-Flah, Anam, Millat and Elia Servat School who supported us in all possible way.

SIO Malwani thanks Almighty Allah SWT for making the test a big success , May ALLAH accept all our efforts. (Aameen)

Note: Pics will be net soon..