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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rajasthan Zone Grabs Student Union Elections

Rajasthan Zone Grabs Student Union Elections

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 01:31 AM PDT

SIO Rajasthan zone has participated in Student Union Elections in two Government universities of Rajasthan. University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur.

In February 2010, Govt. of Rajasthan has lifted up the ban on Union Elections in Rajasthan which was imposed in 2005. In planning ZAC, ZAC members has decided to make an awareness campaign regarding elections. Before that govt. has lifted the ban.

Br M Shakir (doing MPhil 2009-10) member SIO was already working in Rajasthan University and preparing the background for SIO. A special ZAC was called for Associates Making campaign, in that ZAC again discussed election issue and it was decided that we will contest election in Rajasthan University this year as a part of Associates campaign.

Three meetings with 1 month gap were held with leader type Muslim students of Rajasthan University. We read and make up their mindset, around 10-15 students were made target. 5 of them showed interest in style of SIO.

SIO, Jodhpur unit leadership also showed interest in this field. Zone allowed them also to contest. During field work in Rajasthan Univ. we have called One Applicant member, Br Kamran from Jodhpur, who worked with Campus sec., Zonal sec. and associates of University of Rajasthan and got trained. Br Kamran has done a very good job in mobilizing the cadre of Jodhpur for Elections. In Jodhpur our cadre was given threats and forced to take back names but our cadre showed steadfastness.

In Rajasthan University, we finalized our candidates Br Azhar Khan (Joint Sec. Post) and Br Iqbal Khan (Class Representative, Urdu Deppt.) and given support to Br Sharif Khan (GS) and Br Azad Khan (GS, University Law College).

In JNVU. Jodhpur, we finalized Br Insaf Khan (Faculty Representative, Arts Deppt) and Br Tanveer Behlim (Class Representative, Commerce Deppt) and given support to Lokender Singh Shekhawat (Vice President) and Manohar Singh Rathore (Joint Sec.).

Results are:-

1-     In Rajasthan University-

a.      Br Azhar Khan nomination was cancelled due to Age factor.

b.      Br Iqbal Khan won

c.      Br Sharif Khan lose

d.      Br Azad Khan won

2-     In JNVU, Jodhpur-

a.      Br Insaf Khan stood second

b.      Br Tanveer Behlim won

c.      Br Lokender Singh Shekhawat won

d.      Br Manohar Singh Rathore lose