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Monday, September 20, 2010

Aptitude Test

School Selection for Aptitude Test (Children Festival 2010)

Group School Name Area Type Count.
1 Al Falah School Haji bapu Co-education 100
a Al Falah School kurar Co-education
2 Millat School Malwani Co-education 150
a Elia Sarwat School Malwani Co-education
b Anam School Malwani Co-education
c Al Falah School Malwani Co-education
3 Anjuman School Mira Rd Co-education 100
a Royal School Mira Rd Girls
4 Anjuman Khairul Islam city Boy + Girls 100
5 Anjuman Khairul Islam Kurla Boy + Girls 100
6 Anjuman Khairul Islam Thane Boy + Girls 100
7 Anjuman Khairul Islam Vikhroli Co-education 100
8 Gilshane – Islam School Sakinaka Co-education 100
9 Shan-e-Islam School Sakinaka Co-education 100
10 Map Khan School Sakinaka Co-education
11 M'di High School bhandup Co-education 100
12 Nasheman School bhandup Co-education
13 Faruq School Jogeshwari Boy + Girls 100
14 Millat School Jogeshwari Boy + Girls 0
15 Madni School Jogeshwari Co-education 0
a Al Falah + National Jogeshwari Boy + Girls 100
b Al Ittehad + Ismail school jog / Goregaon Boy + Girls 100
16 Awami+ riyazul islam Govandi Grils 100
a Abdullah Patel School Mumbra Boy + Girls 250
17 Patel High School Mumbra Co-education
a National School Mumbra Co-education
18 Sumayya School Mumbra Co-education
a Sabu Siddique School Byculla Boy 100
19 Anjuman Islam School Kurla Boy+Girls 100
20 Anjuman Khairul Islam Ghatkopar Co-education 100
21 Baig Mohammad city Co-education 100
a Hashmiya city Co-education

24 Ahmad sailors School city Co-education 100
25 Maulana Azad School city Co-education

Anjuman Tablighul Islam kurla Co-education 100

Green Bombay School kurla

Anjuman Islam School bandra

Awami School bandra

Sansakar School Santacruz

Maulana Azad School Santacruz

Ideal High school Cheeta Camp

Trombay Public High School Cheeta Camp

Final List as on 19/09/10