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Monday, September 13, 2010

Annual Planning (2010)

Meqaat 2010

We are please to inform you that Annual Planning (2010) of Malwani Unit has been successfully done. Decisions of the meeting are as follows:

Date of Meeting : 07.03.2010 , Venue: Br. Farooq House

Time: 10am Sharp, Special Guest : Br. Qadeer ( Divisional President)

Tazkiya : Br.Anwar , Br.Farooq
Tanzeem: Br.Shairq, Br.Khalil, Br.Fazal, Bilal
Dawah: Br.Aaqib, Br.Jameel
Taleem aur Taleemi Idaare: Br.Rashid, Br.Razi, Faisal
JAC: Br.Parvez, Br.Wasim, Br.Ayub, Br.Shabbir


• Br. Aaqib is selected for Dawah In-charge
• Br. Parvez is Selected for Cultural Organizer.
• Br. Bilal is selected for Tanzeemi Organs co-ordinator
• Br. Faisal is selected for P.R In-charge.
• Br. Bilal is selected for Asst. P.R Incharge.
• Br. Mehmood is selected for Finance Secretory.
• Br. Asif (LP)is will look after media secretory.
• JAC and Tazkiya will Get more priority in this meeqaat .

1.Taleem & Taleemi Idaare:
* Local Unit will arrange Dawah Field Work in Every month.
* Every member will keep contact(Dawah) at least with two people, name will fill in Tazkiya Form
* Mutala Of Dawah Guide is Compulsory for Member. ( Dead line : May End)
* Local Unit will take benefit from Dawah Starter Kit and Local Dawah incharge responsible for that.
* Local Unit will arrange three Dawah counter in a year.
* Local Unit will send two people to Divisional Dawah Cell.
* Local Unit will send people in Regional Dawah Workshop
* Local Unit will Organize two program in Ramzan Ali College.
* Local Unit will arrange Counseling and Career Guidance Program.
* Local Unit will Organize Education Development Campaign.

2.Junior Associate Circle:
* Unit will established The JAC in following Pockets:
a. Mahada: 01 JAC
b. Azami Nagar : 02 JAC
c. Centre : 01 JAC
* Local Unit will arrange a Film Festival For JAC Students.
* Local Unit will Send JAC Student in Divisional level Programs.
* Local Unit will Arrange JAC Get together in every pocket
* Local Unit will Establish Relations with Parents of JAC Students.
* JAC Fresher day will be Organize in local Schools: ( Anam School, EliaServat School, Fr.Abrahm
School, Al-Falah School, AIM School, Millat School)

* Local Unit will establish branch in Al-Falah & Fr.Abraham.
* Member will present introduction of Tanzeeme to at least 20 Students.
* Local Unit will appoint P.R Secretary.
* Br.Mehmood is selected for Finance Secretory For Meqaat 2010.
* Unit President will Handle Media Cell.
* Local Unit will Celebrate Students Day on 19 October.
* Subscription of Tanzeemi Organs ( Rafiq-e-Manzil etc) is compulsory for members. and Br. Bilal is
the Concern person for this.
* Local Unit will arrange induction program for its cadre.
* Local Unit will make strong Bait-Ul-Maal.
* Local Unit will issue free copy of tanzeemi organs in following schools.
1. Al-Falah School
2. Fr.Abraham School
3. Elia-Servat School
4. Millta School
5. Public Library (Bandra Plot)

* Local Unit will organize a weekly program in every month on following topics:
Ikhlas, Tawkkal, Taqwa, Sabar-wa-Isteqmat, Hub-e-Iahi, Hub-e-Rasool, Geebat, Takbur,
* Local Unit will Organize a Tazkiya Camp & Mutala-e-Quran in every month.
* Local Unit will Organize a Mutala-e-Quran program in every month.( Surah "Khaf" & Surah
* Local unit will Organize Quran Reading Class on weekly basis Under Br. Aaqib Guidance ( Every
Friday, after May 2010).
* Members will practice Tasbeeh-e-Fatima Aftar Fajar Namaz.
* Local Co-ordinator will do follow ups for Fazar Namaz. ( Br.Bilal, Br.Rashid, Br.Jameel)
* Selected five people will participate in Azame-e-Safar Followup Program and unit will use the
* Br.Parvez is Selected for Cultural In-charge.
* Local Unit will Play a Volleyball in every month for the fitness of its people.
* Local Unit will make Five Mutala Groups , details are as follows:
   a. Centre : Group Leaders: Br.Aaqib, Anwar
   b. Mahada : Group Leaders: Br.Shariq
   c. Azmi Nagar : Group Leaders: Br.Jamil, Br.Farooq.
* Weekly program will be make more attractive by the addition of Group Discussion, Tarane, Current
Affairs, Videos etc.
* Local President will arrange a EHTESAAB meeting in every last week of month.
* A Tazkiya Camp will be arrange near Mhada(caves area).
* Local Unit will arrange Qurani Arabi Classes and will Distribute the CD of Maulana.Abdul Aziz.
* There will be three groups in Nizam-ul-usra, and will work under local co-odinator.
* Local Unit will arrange program for its people for leader ship quality(in tazkiya camp).
* Every Member will read 10 Ayah Every Day.
* Local Unit will participate in Divisional review meeting.
* Tazkiya Form will be submit by 15 March 2010
* Hafta-e-Quran will be arrange on Divisional Level.
* Every member will follow Tazkiya Form(Khaka)
* Local Unit will organize Yum-e-Infaaq day with division.
* Members camp will be arranged on Divisional Level and local unit will participate.
* Local Unit Will Participate in VIC Camp.