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Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome Ramadan

Asslam -Wa - Alekum Dear Reader,

We are pleased to provide you the information about a successful WELCOME RAMADAN programme at local level in Mhada Unit, here is the brief report of the same
Date - 01st august 2010
Time - 10:30am to 1pm
Place - My (Br.shariq) place, Nasheman-49, mhada

Total attendance - 22 People
Programmed start at 10:55am with the Dars-e Quran by Local Jamaat personnel Hood sb and he delivered some motivational and spiritual aspect of Roza and its compulsions
Followed by the Inaugural words by an associate br Anwar (mhada), he welcomed and greeted everyone and within short span he described the purpose this programmed
Then Br sarfaraz (conduct) invited Br Shariq for a speech RAMADAN - QURB E ILAAHI KA ZARYA, in which he presented the purpose and gains of the fasting, the excellence of its activities such as Qayaam lail, Shabe Qadr, revealation of Quran, by which a person can gain the closeness of Allah swt.
After a 10min tea break we had a speciall session in the guidance of one of the most famous IMAM of malwani who is also very close to us Maulana Rizwan, firstly he delivered a speech on the topic of RAMADAN KE TAQAAZE, followed by FIQAHI session (problems & solutions) which became very interesting because of the active participation of everyone.
Br Salman was there for concluding remarks and he summarised the topics in well manner.
Mhada Incharge thanked every old and new friend present there and the programme finised on the Dua by br salman,  

A Pictorial......

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