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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dawah Counter at Nalasopara Circle

By the Grace of Allah almighty Mumbai North west sub division is trying to expand its wings till Nalasopara, For this purpose after educational activity in Z.B college,we put a Dawah counter at Nalasopara station,where we got overwhelming response from the local Mslim people as well as our non-muslims people,

Associate from Nalasopara and and N/W sub-division participated in DAWAH COUNTER,

in span of 1.30 hours we distributed around 45 qurans, and various islamic litreature and pamphlet regarding islam and prophet Muhammed's saws life's.

many people messaged on mobile and gave us thanx to provide quran and introduced islam,

one Big SHOT was one person accepted Islam and read kalimah we insisted local associates to do follow up of him and make him assure that his accepting islam may turn into real sense of being muslim,

after that we discussed with local people and some of influential muslim people and eradicate misconception about JIH and SIO,they welcome a lot and assure a big support for the future activities.

InshaAllah we are planing to keep a aftar party for the people who came in the contact,

Keep us in prayers,

Plz visit:,

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